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Woolf Illustrations houses the artworks of Doug Paul. He lives near the ocean in Savannah, Georgia with his wife and two dogs, Murdox and Chance (already sent the daughter off to college). An engineer by trade, but artist and author by heart. 

Doug grew up on the ocean and is generally a jack of all trades. He loves surfing, windsurfing, SCUBA diving, sailing, and just about anything on or behind a boat. When off the water, he loves skiing, hiking, biking and, of course, illustration and writing.


He learned how to fly an airplane at 15 because his father wanted him to but, would much rather have been on the water, painting a picture or writing a book. Eventually he got his engineering degree from Auburn University followed by a few more specialty licenses. The thought was to be able to design it, fix it, then fly it… and that seems to have worked out, but the art never stopped calling.


Doug is creative, maybe a bit too creative, and can never seem to stop dreaming about the future. There is always an idea, new illustration, or some business concept running through his head. So… far too late in life as far as he is concerned, he decided to put his artistic side of the brain to use and started Woolf Illustrations, and that’s the end of this story or maybe the beginning of a new one.

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For inquiries regarding freelance illustrations, book covers, logo creation, image licensing, prints, commissions or brand collaborations please complete the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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